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■ Handling privacy of our customers

In (to the Company below) Co., Ltd. PETIT BAMBINA, but we're working to hold the accuracy and confidentiality of personal information we receive from our customers tell.
Therefore please verify we have been described below for details about the information to be handled.

1. Business operator handling personal information, and contact

  2-12-20 ACHI
  KURASHIKI-SHI Okayama-ken
  710-0055 JAPAN

2. For the purpose of use of personal information

On to have you use each site to the Company's operations, with the aim of provides you with the assurance that your service smoothly on the customer side, I have you provide the minimum necessary information from customers in us. This information is used for the purpose of confirmation whether the person in question, the judgment of the time of service use of the Company, such as the introduction of new services.

3. How to present your information

Through your registration only form that is installed in each site that our operations, we are collecting the information you input.

4. Modification of the information you presented, and how have you Delete

Fixed by through a form that is installed at each site to our operations, perform a login and password (E-mail) ID which had you presented, and that you delete will be.

5. Use and provision of personal information

The Company, if the customer's agreement, be provided to the outside and making use of the information of our customers with the exception of the case where it is deemed necessary by law absolutely is not.

6. Management of personal information

It is not done at all management by outsourcing, and we manage our own in our company, we take appropriate measures at all times to accurate, the ones up-to-date information of our customers. In addition, in order to prevent such unauthorized access to customer information is carried out, I do my possible measures.